Spa Dreaming Tour


Departure from our Melbourne Helipad

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The Spa Dreaming Tour will take approximately 5 hours. Bookings are required at a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.


Take a break from the rat race and recharge in the naturally thermal mineral waters, high in health-giving sodium, potassium, magnesium and natural bubbles of bicarbonate.

Enjoy stunning views of the Mornington Peninsula hinterlands and coastline, then bathe at your leisure in the thermal pools of the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Unwind with a one hour massage, choosing from a Kodo (a rhythmic body massage inspired by traditional Australian aboriginal techniques toning and realigning energy flow, enhancing mind and body), Peninsula Vine (a warm grape balm is applied using the skins and seeds of locally sourced Mornington Peninsula grapes) or a Relaxation massage, re-energising and increasing your feeling of wellbeing.

Before we take you home, enjoy a lovely lunch at the Spa Dreaming Café.


  • Harmony Spa Package at Peninsula Hot Springs includes
    • Entry into the Spa Dreaming Centre thermal pools (includes towel and robe)
    • One hour kodo or relaxation massage
    • Light lunch in the Spa Dreaming Centre café
  • Travel coordination
  • Experienced pilots and flight commentary
  • Total Experience approximately 5 hours
  • Flight time of approximately 60 minutes


$ 1,390

Per Person

Travel Terms & Conditions:

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